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PhotoGPS is a user friendly GPS recording device which can record your time and location only by switching on the device. With a very easy to use software, your GPS data will link up with your photos taken during the trip.

How to achieve this, just need to go through the following steps:

 > Take GPS data during field trip
 > Store in the GPS device
 > Upload the GPS data to PC by plugging in the GPS device to USB
 > Run our PC software to link up the photos taken by any camera with the uploaded GPS data
 > Your photos and tracks will then be displayed in the PC software with Google Earth or Google Map plug-in

The PhotoGPS also supports add-on weather sensor (temp, humidity, pressure and etc), river sensor (water flow speed, quality, temperature measurement instrument), and other different sensors to let you more easy to measure data during field study.

PhotoGPS Introduction Video

Road Map

   ► 2012
PhotoGPS River will be launched
   ► 2011 Present in HKWDC Kiosk at Cyberport
   ► 2011
PhotoGPS Weather Sensor is launched
   ► 2011 HKICT Award 2011 - Silver Award and Certificate of Merit
   ► 2010 IDT Expo 2010
   ► 2010
PhotoGPS Main Unit is launched
Field Study

Tailor-made for Hong Kong Education System

> Cater for new syllabus of secondary school geography and liberal study which requires students to do more field study

> Use GPS to tell the location sensor to measure different environment parameters during study whereas existing products in the market do not fulfill the requirement for this application

> Most data from the contents of the geography courses, e.g. Latitude / Longitude, can be taken from PhotoGPS and Sensors.

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