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Product Description

As PhotoGPS sensor is capable in measuring different types of environmental information, PhotoGPS software is updated to meet the requirement of the new features and additional information, the new GUI is showed as below with the PhotoGPS Sensor data.

PhotoGPS Software with Weather Sensor Data and Graphic Display

System Requirement

 > Internet available
 > Google Earth installed
 > WinXP, Win Vista, Win7


SOFTWARE UPDATE: The version 1.1 PhotoGPS software is released by 17th, May, 2012. Pls download from HERE.

FIRMWARE UPDATE: The firmware for the hardware for support extra weather sensor can be found HERE.


PhotoGPS Software is a user friendly software which can:

> Simple to sync the clock for the PhotoGPS device
> Easy to configure the setting for PhotoGPS device such as sampling frequency
> Link up photo to location
> Show overall path with photos in a map
> Show data of the trip such as speed, course, time, position, altitude, total distance
> Support Google Earth and Google Map
> Free view, top view, first person view and third person view for showing the path in virtual tour
> Show full path, latest path, extruded full path and extruded latest path on 3D Map
> Plot track overview to review the complete path with up to 16 photos pointing to the location on the track overview
> Export GPS data
> Add Geotag to photo and link up with
Picasa and Flickr Online Album
> Support add-on sensors such as weather sensor and water quality instrument (in the future release)


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