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Photo can only record part of the experience in the trip. Where and when we took the photo are something that we want to record too.

With our HK invention - PhotoGPS, you can have full record for your trip and field study by merging TIME and LOCATION with your own Photos taken by your own camera.

PhotoGPS is a user friendly GPS recording device which can
record your time and location only by switching on the device. With a very easy to use software, your GPS data will link up with your photos taken during the trip.

How to achieve this, just need to go through the following steps:

> Take GPS data during field trip
> Store in the GPS device
> Upload the GPS data to PC by plugging in the GPS device to USB
> Run our PC software to link up the photos taken by any camera with the uploaded GPS data
> Your photos and track will then be displayed in the software with Google Earth or Google Map plug-in

The PhotoGPS also supports add-on weather sensor (temp, humidity, pressure and etc) and water quality instrument to let you more easy to measure data during field study.
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Picasa Online Photo Album
Picasa Public Album 20110213
Field Work Results in Tokyo
Field Test in Tokyo
Software Screen Shot in updated Field Test
Field Test in Tokyo

Field Test in Ma Shi Chau

Field Test in Ma On Shan

Field Test in Lamma Island

Fore more information about PhotoGPS software, pls click here to visit to our Software page or download our software to try.


Powerful PhotoGPS:

> Clock shows time and date
> GPS (longitude, latitude and altitude)
> Show Speed, course
> Show total distance and distance from last location
> Auto and manual location record (1min for regulator record)
> Store data in internal memory or SD card such as speed, course, time, position, altitude and etc
> USB auto upload data from SD card to PC
> USB firmware update (for future add-on features update)

User friendly software:

> Simple to sync the clock for the PhotoGPS device
> Easy to configure the setting for PhotoGPS device such as sampling frequency
> Link up photo to location
> Show overall path with photos in a map
> Show data of the trip such as speed, course, time, position, altitude, total distance
> Support Google Earth and Google Map
> Free view, top view, first person view and third person view for showing the path in virtual tour
> Show full path, latest path, extruded full path and extruded latest path on 3D Map
> Plot track overview to review the complete path with up to 16 photos pointing to the location on the track overview
> Export GPS data
> Add Geotag to photo and link up with Picasa and Flickr Online Album
> Support add-on sensors such as weather sensor and water quality instrument (in the future release)